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Navigating Success Together

Navigating Success Together

Nilda Thomas, the founder of Nilda Thomas - Coaching & Consulting, brings over 20 years of corporate experience to the business. Her background in marketing technology solutions is backed up by a deep understanding of both business and technology, making her the perfect advisor for established businesses and startups alike.

She's worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Deloitte, Microsoft, AT&T, and EDS, and her knowledge and expertise in how businesses grow and succeed have been praised by organizations and publications like Black Enterprise, Hispanic Women in Business, and Women in e-Commerce magazines.

Nilda Thomas's unique insight and skill come from her ability to assess and understand the key elements and variables of any project—often related to business, marketing, and technology—and devise effective strategies to maximize success. She has used this expertise to help organizations and corporations alike analyze their current operational realities, create plans to achieve their desired objectives, and develop automated systems to help streamline processes.

Furthermore, Nilda has collaborated with organizations like the National Minority Development Council, the Skillman Foundation, and the Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, displaying her skill with building relationships and aiding individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. To learn more about how Nilda can help your business succeed and to book a consultation, contact us today.